How Life Works Counseling Differs

About Life Works Counseling

We are bombarded daily with suggestions that who we are and how we live simply isn’t good enough. Self-help books, talk shows and advertisements all propose to teach us how to “Be happy!” “Get rich quick!” “Lose weight!” “Look younger!” “Have an ideal marriage!” “Be perfect parents!” and even how to artfully organize our homes and efficiently manage our time. Somehow we end up thinking there’s something missing in our lives and that if only things were different, life would be better. This type of thinking actually prevents us from being happy with who we are and what we have achieved. Instead of being okay with ourselves, we end up feeling more depressed, anxious and angry.

Traditional “Talk” Therapy

Perhaps you’ve tried traditional psychotherapy, but quit in frustration, feeling that despite all the talk, nothing ever changed. Maybe you’ve asked: “Can I afford to spend thousands of dollars and years on ‘the Freudian couch’ in the hopes that life will be more satisfying?” This type of therapy focuses on the past to explain why you are the way you are, but it does nothing to change destructive behavioral patterns, nor address present-day problems and concerns that are preventing you from getting what you want right now.

There is an Effective Alternative

If you need relief now, long-term therapy may not be the best choice for you. There is an alternative: the brief, solution-focused, present-oriented psychotherapy practiced at Life Works Counseling.

Therapy at Life Works Counseling

No one can promise you a life of wealth or popularity, nor one of perpetual bliss and harmony. However, through Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)—the psychotherapy practiced at Life Works Counseling—you can learn how to overcome the barriers that get in the way of experiencing enhanced self-esteem and satisfaction in life. Unlike traditional therapies, the CBT therapist is active and engaged with the client. You collaborate equally in both the treatment planning and in the process of therapy, itself. In fact, the goal of the therapy is to teach you how to treat yourself, so that you eventually become independent of the therapist. To that end, homework is assigned and its rationale explained. In CBT, the goal is to rapidly improve your feelings and moods and to change the self-defeating behaviors that keep you emotionally mired in “if only” and other unproductive types of thinking. In fact, CBT is considered the treatment of choice—the gold standard of care by research professionals in the field of mental health—for such myriad problems as:

  • Depression & mood swings; Bipolar or Borderline personality
  • Difficulty establishing or maintaining relationships
  • Issues in marital or committed relationships
  • Emotional Distress of flying or living without my pet(s)
  • Anger Management
  • Problem Gambling Behaviors
  • Low self-esteem
  • Inadequate or unproductive coping skills
  • Procrastination, aggression & passive-aggressive behavior
  • Weight management

Time to Take Action

If you are not getting what you want out of life, isn’t it time to take action and chance change? Take the first step and call Life Works Counseling for a complimentary, confidential introductory phone session. During this initial phone session you will learn what to expect in therapy. It’s a great opportunity to discuss any questions you may have regarding Life Works Counseling’s approach to therapy.

Life Works Counseling

  • Specializing in brief, solution-focused therapy for couples and individuals
  • Offering confidential telephone consultation for new clients
  • Evening appointments available
  • Located in the heart of downtown San Diego, near Horton Plaza
  • ATM and most credit cards accepted